Algor Family Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas Season, ya’ll! The season of Christmas parties, elf on the shelf and lots of lights and wrapping paper is finally upon us. I hope you enjoyed your season of giving thanks for all of your many blessings! The Christmas season is much more than about giving and receiving gifts. More than about what color coffee cup you are drinking out of from your favorite coffee place. It’s about the birth of our eternal King.

Christmas is one of our favorite holidays in the Algor house. This year, I actually decorated the inside of our house before we left for Thanksgiving so that we could begin our favorite season the minute we walked in the door from New York. We were there for 12 days, so it was a special treat to walk back into our home and an added bonus to see our beautiful decorations.

In a previous blog, I wrote about choosing the right traditions for your family. A few traditions that we have always done are get matching family Christmas pajamas, drive through our favorite neighborhoods in Dallas to see the lights, receive special Christmas Eve pajamas from our elf, elves this year, take family pictures and make handprint or footprint plates with the kids. This year we have 2 elves and I’m already stressing about remembering to move them everyday! Ha!

We decided that this year we would introduce and add an Advent calendar to our list of traditions. We waited until now because we wanted the boys to be more aware of what Christmas was truly about and how they can serve others, just like Jesus did. Our advent calendar won’t hold little trinkets or candies. Instead in its pockets, it will have easy things the kids can do to serve others, like taking Christmas cookies to our fire stations. We will also have special days to do our favorite things to get into the spirit of Christmas like baking cookies and watching special Christmas movies.

Of course, the story of Jesus will always be at the center of our Christmas.

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Until the Mission is Complete,



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