3 Realities of Being Miss International

This year has been nothing short of amazing. I look back at the 365 days with total gratitude and awe of the beautiful blessings I've experienced. When I was entrusted with the crown last year, I knew that I was in for an incredible journey. However, I don't know that you can fully understand the job until you're in the job. I did my best to prepare by creating an plan and envisioning myself as Miss International, but there are a few beautiful realities you need to know about this phenomenal opportunity.

1. It is a job.

I love being Miss International, more than anything, but it is a job. It's a fun job, but a job nonetheless. You have responsibilities, leaders, commitments, contracts, and standards to uphold. The administrative type work allows you to change the world. It is a year of your life that you commit to put this job above all other commitments in your life - and it is a privilege to do so. There are hundreds of other women who would love to be in your spot, and you cannot take that for granted. You must be willing to do the work.

2. You’ll miss your family - but it's okay.

As Miss International, you rack up some serious sky miles! I traveled anywhere from two to three weeks out of the month - it was so awesome. Sometimes on the road, you get lonely. After you've done your appearance and you're back in your room... you're alone and miss your people. FaceTime makes it better! I also found myself really missing going to church. I'm extremely thankful that all the messages are posted in videos online. With technology nowadays, you're able to connect with others wherever you are in the world. Take advantage of the resources you have to stay in touch and remember how thankful you are for the opportunities you are given! Friends and family are cheering you on during one of the best years of your life!

3.You won't be ready to give it up.

This year has changed my life in more than one way. I am a better Amanda because of this crown and I will never be the same. I had 365 days and at this moment I wish I had 365 more. I've had the most beautiful experience and I'm not sure I'm ready to be done. As Mary reminds me, "Once Miss International, always Miss International!" The incredible journey will forever hold a place in my heart and I have zero regrets. I am beyond thankful that God invited me into His plans for this year. It has been a privilege to serve. I lived every day with the same excitement I had the day I was crowned and I pass on my title with a heart full of gratitude and humility.

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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