Childhood Dreams

Do you remember how you dreamed when you were a child?

If you’re anything like me… you dreamed bigger than life. The sky was the limit and nothing seemed impossible. My dreams as a child were fairly… should we say… ambitious. I originally wanted to be a unicorn, then a mermaid, then a Princess. You could say I started the unicorn trend back in 1992 (hehehe)! As an adult, I am living out my little girl dream of being a Princess as Miss International.

When I entered middle and high school, I became very interested in acting. I pursued that for a long time and made the mistake of giving that dream up. Now, years later, I find myself praying and asking God to direct me back to the camera if that is His will for me. In high school, I took on an organization’s dream for me and pursued marine biology. The dream was great in theory - but quite honestly I just did it because I wanted to play with penguins and dolphins for a living. Time went on and I began to realize what was going on… then stepped away from that dream. In college I found my niche and a passion for business and marketing! I love everything I learned and now apply it as an entrepreneur and professional communication consultant. I spent some time in corporate, but nothing compares to the fulfillment I find from coaching young women and entrepreneurs.

Over the past year, I have found myself really beginning to understand who I am and my personality more than I ever fathomed. I’ve realized that all my dreams really are possible. Not in the cheesy Instagram-inspirational way. No, really. All my God-given dreams are possible… I can be whatever I want with the Holy Spirit within me and hard work. I owe it to myself, my family, my future family, and community to relentlessly pursue the dreams God gives me with confidence that He is doing more than I can even imagine behind the scenes.

The truth is…. all of your God-given dreams are possible too.

It’s funny how when we get older… we can lose touch with our childhood faith in our dreams. Life gets in the way, people’s words impact us, and we begin to doubt if we are capable of our wildest dreams. I mean, if we’re honest…. I’ll probably never be a unicorn or mermaid… but I can still pursue the other dreams I once had if God unveils that those paths are His plan for me.

I want to challenge all of us today to remember some of our dreams that we may have let fall off our radar because we didn’t believe that we could accomplish them. Search your heart for the dreams that still have a small flame in your heart - fan them with confidence and faith. Let the fire grow and chase your dreams.

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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