Game Time

Now that you're all here, it's time to get serious. What's done is done. This is NOT the time to stop eating to lose weight. Or to work out till you're blue in the face.

It's game time!

Sleep, get as much rest as you possibly can. Trust me, sleep does the face and body good!

Eat! Make healthy food choices, foods that will give you energy, and strength but won't bloat you.

Drink tons of water! If you want to look your best, drink a gallon a day, no kidding!! By the end of the week, you'll have lost weight, plus your skin and hair will look and feel better. So drink up.

Smile! You represent us, the International family.. All eyes are on you, so please smile, even when you think nobody's watching.

Be kind- again, you're representing us…..Be kind to everyone you come in contact with. Tip generously! Be grateful, polite, and remember your manners.

Save your feet- even if it means switching shoes out when walking from one place to another. You need to be able to walk on that stage, so please ladies wear shoes that are comfortable as much as you can.

Listen- you'll need to pay close attention...So make sure you're listening to those who are speaking.

Lastly, have fun! Make lifelong friendships, and enjoy the moment. It's the experience of a lifetime.

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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