What Do You Have Control Of?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyday was picture perfect and there were never any challenges when it came to pageants, work, sports, etc? In this utopia, we probably wouldn’t grow much… but it would be nice to have things go smoothly every day. Unfortunately, that’s not reality and we have to learn to live with the curve balls that life throws us. Pageants are a breeding ground for the best and the brightest and the skill set we gain will take us beyond any stage. From very early on in pageantry, I was surrounded by a team who taught me a life skill that I apply to my professional and personal life.

When things went askew, my team would ask me…”What do you have control of?” I would then look at the situation and categorize it into no control - semi control - or total control. By diligently evaluating the situation, I knew how to move forward without stress and at peace.

If you have no control… you have to accept it and focus on what you do have control of.

If you have semi-control… you do what you can… and let the part you can’t control go. Don’t even focus on it.

If you have total control… you handle it quickly and stay focused.

Let’s take a look at some examples…
  • One phase of competition doesn’t go as you'd like… no control… let it go… that phase is over and there is nothing you can do to change it. Focus on the next area of competition.
  • It’s humid and your hair begins to frizz…. semi control… we can’t control that the weather is less than enjoyable… but we can get hairspray and handle it. You got this, girl!
  • Your zipper breaks…. total control… the reality is that it’s broken and can get a small sewing kit and get to work. You’ll be fine; this is totally manageable.
Things may not always be perfect, but we can stand in confidence knowing how to handle challenging situations. As Miss International, not everything will be rainbows and butterflies. It’s an amazing job, but a hard job. You will be thrown various situations and part of your duty as Queen is to remain calm, cool, and collected.

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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