Halloween Weekend for Miss Teen International 2010

Last weekend, I came home for a family photo with my 16 cousins and 10 Aunts and Uncles as well as my PopPop. The photographer came on location to my Grandfather’s neighborhood where there is a park with a lake. It was a lot of fun and tons of coordination to get us all configured. Later that night, we celebrated my Mom’s birthday and then it was time to hit the books and to study for midterms.

This is my sister Caroline and I with our "McKee girl cousins" - we haven't received the professional photos back yet, but my Dad took a few snapshots like this while we waited.

Unfortunately, I did have a slew of big midterm exams that upcoming week, so I spent Halloween doing just that, studying…with an occasional break to help my little sister Caroline get ready (she was wearing my “cute pirate” costume from 9th grade). Caroline had worn the costume to her school dance and actually won the best costume!!! She was going trick or treating with a group of 18 kids from her class and wanted help doing hair and make up.

My sister Caroline (the pirate on the right) and her classmates heading out for hayride and some trick or treating!

After helping her, I dressed my Maltese puppy, Bear, into his Halloween costume- he was a caterpillar- so cute!!! My 10 year old brother Mac, who was “Scarface” this year, wanted me to help him by using make up to put a scar on his Halloween mask.

 My brother mac and my Maltese puppy "Bear" both in costume

The doorbell started to ring, and I was delegated to be the one to hand out candy since my mom and dad went off in separate directions with each of my younger siblings. As I greeted the children, it took me back to the days when I trick or treated with my neighborhood friends.

Some of the cast of characters who showed up at our door Halloween night!

Some of the kids that were teenagers when I was a little kid came to the door with their own children – wow, I can’t believe that neighbor kids are now married with children… time really does fly.

Candace, my best friend of all from childhood, is no longer with us… but I’ve included a few pictures from those good old days to share our good times and fond memories with you.

Here are a few "olden days" Halloween pictures. They feature me and my best friend from childhood, Candace. Candace passed away when we were 12 years old, and the good times we had will always be a part of me.

 I think this was my first Halloween ever!

My brother and sister came back and we sorted through their loot – as their big sister, I took payment for my make up services in the form of candy!!!

For anyone who has a brother, this picture needs no caption!

Well, better get back to the books!

Juliana McKee 


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