2016 Trunk Show

Hi ladies! You may have recently seen the flyer come out with information about the upcoming Trunk Show at the Competitive Image. I hope all of you that have already been crowned to represent your state, region or even country are already making plans to attend! I promise you won’t be disappointed! For those of you that are still waiting to compete for your state title that may not be until after the trunk show has passed, you can still make plans to attend. Yes, you may already have your evening gown, but you can still work with Joey at Competitive Image, Clay for makeup lessons or photographs and Suzy to help perfect your interview skills.

These couple of days, set aside for YOU and the International Pageants, will be unlike any other experience. Where, and when, can you be in the same place with every single person that you need to help you prepare for Mrs., Miss and Teen International? Joey knows exactly what the judges are looking for when it comes to not only your personal appearance and style during competition week and on stage. The wardrobe that he can help you select for that week will ensure you have a consistent branding, one that compliments your platform. Also Sherri Hill and Stefanie Somers will be on hand to design your exquisite evening gown and perfectly complementing jewelry for that one of a kind look.

Appointments can be made with Suzy Bootz for a one on one coaching session to ensure you know how to answer the difficult questions. You don’t want to sound like the lady sitting in the chair five minutes before you and Suzy can lend her expertise and also give you an idea as to what your week will look like. Her calming nature is something you will want during competition week so make sure you get on her schedule fast! Her appointments are limited so hurry.

Have you seen previous year contestant head shot photos? If you loved them, chances are they are done by none other than Clay Spann. Trust me when I say you want him shooting your headshot for the website and platform sheet. Clay has an impeccable eye and makes you not only look like a billion dollars, but also feel like it too, which is even more important. He also offers makeup lessons and has his own line of makeup that ROCKS! I’m sold on it for sure.

Are you not sure where to begin with designing your platform sheet? How do you organize all of the work and appearances you have done throughout the year? Susan Botek will also be in attendance and can help you get started! Remember the judges will have your sheet weeks before the pageant. It will be the first thing they have and how they begin to form their judges questions for you! Make sure you make a good first impression.

I can’t wait to see everyone there and hear all about your experience!

Until the Mission Is Complete,



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