On the Other Side of the Table

Shortly after I began my reign, I was asked to judge the North Dakota International pageants. I was so excited to get this opportunity, even if it was in January. I was interested to see exactly what it would be like to sit on the other side of the interview table. Honestly, I was nervous for the girls and maybe even a little nervous for myself because I knew I was going to have a hand in changing the lives of these women. They also had a Junior Miss Teen division, which was so precious. It definitely brought tears to my eyes as these sweet girls were escorted out during the evening gown competition by their adoring fathers.

Receiving the contestant binders before the pageant was so helpful as I was able to go through and narrow down the questions I wanted to ask each contestant. Five minutes goes by so quickly, so I made sure I was prepared. Digging down and asking questions about their platforms and how they planned to spend their year, while also asking what they were going to bring to the International system was important to me. I knew whomever was going to represent the state of North Dakota was ultimately going to be vying for a chance at mine, Elise, and Jules’ crown. Ensuring that our legacy and the International legacy was in good hands was my ultimate goal.

Being able to travel with Elise and spend time with her during our weekend judging experience was so amazing. Jules, we missed you and I can’t wait to spend time with you soon! Ultimately, the great state of North Dakota crowned 4 amazing young ladies and women. They are lucky to have them represent their state in July! There were so many deserving women and we truly wish they could have each received a crown. The International system is so much more than winning a title though. It’s about the sisterhood, support and work we all do for not only our platforms, but also the help will lend for our sisters and their platforms. I know everyone had a wonderful experience, judges and contestants, they will all be back!

Until the Mission is Complete,



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