Working on Your Fitness

A new year of course brings new resolutions. I’m willing to bet that one of the top resolutions is to lose weight and get into shape year after year. I have always had a long and lean build that I get from my mom and her side of the family. In fact, it’s actually hard for me to gain weight, which has its benefits, but like everything else also has its downfalls as well. For example, when you are trying to grow a baby, or babies. After each pregnancy, I was ready to get the baby weight off as fast as I could, like most women. I just didn’t feel like myself, in hind sight it could have been the lack of sleep from three children two and under.

The International pageant is 6 months away so it is the perfect time to start focusing on that aspect of the competition. The fitness portion is 25% of your score and while it does not account for 50% of your score like interview, the fitness score can definitely keep you out of the top 15. During competition week, there is little to no time to go to the hotel gym, not to mention you will probably be too exhausted to go after a full day of rehearsals or appearances.

With so many different work out routines easily available these days you just need to determine which one fits your style. For me personally, I need more of the structure of a class. I love Pure Barre! I was a competitive dancer until I graduated from High School so doing any kind of work out with a ballet barre was exciting to me! My first class, I left shaking! I also made sure to get to the gym about four times a week leading up to the pageant. Being non stop with the kids all day everyday helps immensely as well!

While you are focusing on your body, make sure you are putting healthy things into your body. Afterall, there’s little point in working out so hard if you are just going to go eat fries and greasy food.

Until the Mission Is Complete,



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