Pageant Training Workshop in Oregon

I had the most amazing time in Portland, Oregon for the 3rd Annual Pageant Training Workshop! The director of the Mrs. Oregon International and Mrs. Washington International Pageants, Lesley Nardini, invited me to speak on platform development and Remaining true to who you are throughout your competition. I was thrilled to be a part of a tradition that continues to provide a “winning” experience for all who attend AND to see the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

Other speakers for the event included: Deanna Bebeau, Mrs. Oregon Int'l 2010, Tamara Wissbaum, 2010 National Beauties of America winner and Mrs. Oregon Int'l 2007, Kimberly Takla, Mrs. Oregon Int'l 2003, Monica Atkinson, Miss Oregon International 2010, and other fabulous titleholders to include the ever so adorable Jodeen Barba, who is pregnant with baby boy #3!!! She shared an excellent presentation on skin-care! Many topics were covered during the workshop, including:

*How to ACE your pageant interview *Building the perfect pageant wardrobe *Tips on hair and makeup for interview & stage *How to find sponsors in tough economic times *TRUE Beauty, how to have a winning experience no matter what the outcome *How to get in "Pageant Shape" And so much more...

I have always wanted to visit Oregon and the rainy weather did not give me any sort of blues! It is such a beautiful city!!! My regional sales manager at Genzyme Biosurgery is from Portland, Oregon and he still holds a few school records for the Oregon State Beavers. I know most of the Oregon International queens are Duck fans …so, I didn’t talk or brag too much on my manager and his college football days …maybe because the Ducks are having a really good season?! AND, Speaking of the Oregon International sisters, I had the MOST AMAZING time with these ladies! Lesley, Deanna, Tamara, and Kimberly, it was truly a special treat to spend quality time getting to know more about each one of you, your families and your lovable pets! All of you hold a dear place in my heart and I only hope we can continue the tradition of laughs and sharing till midnight (or later)!

After the workshop on Saturday, Lesley treated us to pedicures at the Pink & White Salon and it was without a doubt, VERY QUEENLY! After being pampered and getting oh so relaxed, we gathered for dinner and tons of girl talk at Tamara’s house. I could have literally talked for days with these ladies! Thank you all for making me feel so welcome and for sharing so many laughs with me. I have new videos of Halle-Grace to send each one of you! If I ever decide to leave NC, Oregon would be on my mind for sure. It is such a beautiful place with beautiful people!

Lesley, thank you again for opening your home to me for the weekend and taking such great care of my every need! You made me feel like Mrs. International x 10 FOR SURE! You are the sweetest, most giving person. I love your entire family and Lola Bear is my girl!!! You have a friend for life!

Lola Bear

I have stated this before and it continues to be confirmed as my year continues as Mrs. International, the International family is MY family! It is filled with some of the most amazing people I have ever met who love the system and believe in its mission. For this opportunity to serve others and have SO much fun along the way, I am forever grateful!

With the beautiful Tamara Wissbaum

Until next post, remain blessed!



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