Choosing Your Evening Gown

The most glamorous part about competing for Miss International is the evening gown competition! I just loved my evening gown last year, but it took a lot of time searching for one that I thought was perfect for me. There are a few key points to keep in mind when you’re searching for the perfect evening gown.

First of all, the judges are not (and I repeat NOT) looking for the most expensive gown. It really is all about how you wear it. You must feel confident, look elegant, & it must fit your body well.

Second, you should be the one to choose your dress. Of course getting another person’s opinion can be helpful, but above all you need to love your dress & want to wear it! If you have a hesitation about the dress, it will definitely come out before you walk out on that stage, and when you are modeling you don’t want that weighing on your mind. All you want to be thinking about is how beautiful you feel!

Third, don’t get caught up in the “winners wear white” mentality. Yes, white is flattering on many girls & shows up great on stage, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a color & still become Miss International! I love white gowns, but for this pageant I found a fabulous gold dress that I felt wonderful in, & ended up tying Miss Oklahoma for the evening gown award! Other colors are great too – as long as you feel beautiful in it, that will translate to the audience.

Fourth, be age appropriate! If you are a teen, be aware that the judges are looking for a girl to represent other teens, so you do not want to look like you’re 25! Further, if you are 25, make sure your gown is classy & not too revealing. That means no slits that are super high & no really deep V’s in the front. If you find a dress & are wondering “is this slit too high?,” my rule of thumb is: if you wouldn’t want your dad to see you in the dress, don’t buy it!

So, ladies don’t forget that the trunk shows at The Competitive Image are March 24-26 & April 28-30! They have gorgeous dresses & lots of them! At the trunk shows in April, Sherri Hill will be there, & I’ve heard she is just fabulous!! Book your appointment today, & I will see you there!

Ashley Smith


  1. I love this dress!! Would love to wear it to our Marine Corps ball this year!!! Would you mind sharing the dress info?!?


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