Miss Teen International 2010’s First “Pageant Prep” Seminar

I think that it is important for an International Queen to give back, not only through platform work, but also to be of service to the International pageant system and prospective pageant contestants. With that thought, I put together my first “Pageant Prep” seminar titled “Presenting Your Best You”! Topics covered at the seminar included stage presence, the mindset of a winner, acing onstage interview, and hair, makeup, and wardrobe tips and tricks sure to enhance a contestant’s best features as well as their individuality. We topped off the session with some tips from a professional photographer on posing and getting comfortable behind the camera, followed by some actual practice behind the camera!

Ikona Photography was very gracious in providing their studio facility for the event. We had planned to limit the event to eight participants due to the size of the studio, but ended up with 11 teens and pre-teens (I just couldn’t turn anyone down!). It was a lot of fun!!!

My own presentation was on hair, makeup, and wardrobe, both onstage and off. I demonstrated the application of fake lashes, subtle smokey eyes, gel liner, and blush application on Miss Teen Korea International and she looked fabulous!

I also demonstrated teasing the hair at the “crown” of your head- not at the front toward the hair line- to achieve a glamorous look, rather than a “Jersey Shore” look, as well as using a “Bump-it” on my sister, Caroline.

The event was great because it brought united girls who in the International system with girls from outside systems, and even girls who have never competed in any pageant system before! Of course, I’ll admit that I did have an ulterior motive- to recruit girls to try out International- and after watching the DVD from this year’s International pageant (which ran in the background during the seminar), I’m excited to say that I may have gotten a few converts!

Mr. Robert Dover, who helped to coach me for my win at Nationals, came and spoke about walking and on stage tips, as well as getting yourself into the mindset of a winner. He spoke about remembering that, as a contestant, YOU are your own biggest competition, so you need to stop worrying about what other contestants are saying, doing, and planning and focus on what YOU have to say, do, and plan before you compete! He has become a huge fan of the International pageant system, and kept pointing out that the production in Chicago was one of the best, if not the absolute best, that he has ever seen, a great statement considering that he has been to pageants all over the world!

Each participant snacked on “heart healthy” appetizers and left with a “swag bag”, complete with a “Bump it “ kit, “Queen” nail file, mints, discount coupons for a head shot photo shoot session, discounts coupons for apparel and accessories and much more!!! The event was supposed to last from 3-5 pm, but our last guests left at 7pm!

In the end, I think helping others to be their best helps me work towards realizing my true potential as Miss Teen International!

Juliana McKee


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