Licking Valley High School and Duncan Falls Elementary School

Born and raised in a small town, I enjoyed school assemblies where outsiders would come and share their experience and encourage students to dream big. This Friday, as Mrs. International, I have the opportunity to be one of those visitors at two schools in hopes my words of wisdom and experience can help an impressionable youngster to follow their dreams.   I’ll be speaking with two classes at Licking Valley High School, including a Women’s Health Class, and then speaking at the Pep Rally for Duncan Falls Elementary School.

I also look forward to sharing the information available from the American Heart Association so these students can be armed and prepared should they, or anyone in their family, encounter symptoms of a heart attack or other heart disease.  As a certified fitness professional, I always embrace the opportunity  to do my part to motivate our youth to find a fitness routine they enjoy so they can commit to be fit for life.  I appreciate the opportunities both of these schools have provided me and look to share many wonderful pictures with you all.  

Janet Bolin


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