My Life Check

I had a few moments the other day and took advantage of the “My Life Check” feature online at  Three minutes is all it took for me to get a score of 8.7 out of 10.  Here is how I netted out. 

My “smoking status” was EXCELLENT because I don’t smoke and never have smoked.  My “healthy weight” was EXCELLENT as was my BMI.  I credit this to my passion for fitness as an indoor cycling instructor and my workouts with my personal trainer, Jeff Pettit, from Denver Health and Fitness.  I will share with you that while I was training for the Mrs. International Pageant, my beautiful mother was motivated by me and she too signed up for personal training sessions.  While our ages are different, she thoroughly enjoyed our healthy competition to see who could reach a lower BMI over the course of 3 months.  Needless to say, we both won and I am very proud of her.

As you may imagine, my “physical activity” was also EXCELLENT.  I feel so much better after a 30-minute walk on the treadmill or a 45-minute vigorous ride, or sometimes even just stretching makes me feel great.  Days when I don’t get to work out, I feel sluggish, tired and sometimes my muscles even ache, so I dive into a workout whenever I get a chance and always pack my Reebok Easy Tones. 

The final category was “healthy diet.”  I learned something new.  My daily protein comes from chicken, egg whites and soy beans, but what I didn’t realize is I should eat fresh fish twice a week.  Eating at least one fruit and one vegetable per meal is also a good way to score higher and help yourself maintain a healthy diet. 

The final tally sheet is available for you to save as a .pdf file or print out and post to your refrigerator.  For me, the first place I posted it was on my wall in my office.  Teamwork is a big deal where I work, so having my coworkers remind me to order vegetables when we are out to lunch or on the road is great for me.  As for my husband, I’ve already told him he too needs to take this quick test and then we both can post our results and keep tabs on one another.  After all, we are Team Chip and Janet!

Janet Bolin


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