Not Quite My Cup of Tea!

Cheerio! No, not the cereal! Cheerio is another way to say goodbye in England. And I will be saying “Cheerio!” to the states when I travel to none other than-England! That’s right! I am taking my first international trip to England! I love traveling and can’t wait to tour this beautiful country!

This past Friday I went to get my passport. As soon as I got out of my car, the door came back and jarred me right in the middle of the forehead! There was a huge dent in it! By the time I sat down to take my official passport photo, which is good for 10 years, the dent became a knot the size of a quarter! How embarrassing! No makeup could cover that!

Can you see the bump? Because it’s definitely noticeable in the official photo! 

There is still a bruise and my forehead is still a little sore, but nonetheless, England will be a “smashing” good time! 

Jurnee Carr


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