Gold Guys

Help Krista’s Cause without Opening your Wallet!

As my blog readers may already know, I am continually raising money to provide healing arts to children who have been abused or neglected.  I have already raised a 25% of my goal amount with the help of Wal-mart and several private donations.  Here’s a way that you can help without opening your wallet. 
The “Gold Guys” will provide me with a 10% commission for everyone who mentions my name when selling their old gold or silver jewelry.  The commission I earn, does not reduce the amount of money that your earn!  It’s a win-win for everyone - a little cha-ching in your pocket and a donation for the kids!
To find out where you can find a Gold Guys in your area click here:
Check your old purses and dresser drawers for old class rings, broken chains and “lost-the-other-one” earrings. Throw them in a zip lock baggie and head to the Gold Guys.  If you are not sure whether something is gold or costume jewelry, try placing it near a magnet.  If it adheres to the magnet, it does not have any value at the Gold Guys.  The representatives will be happy to let you know the value of your offer, which you can accept, or reject.  If you accept the offer, they will give you a check on the spot.
They also buy unwanted sterling silver; flatware, candlestick, or tea sets. Even silver foreign coins. Don’t forget to tell them that Krista Wanous sent you!

Krista Wanous


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