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Back in August, I shared with you a few details about the wonderful experience of sitting down with Sherrie Gearheart, Editor-in-Chief of Tiara Magazine for an interview. Sherrie recently announced the publication of that interview with a posting as it appears below.

Before you read her words, allow me to say that it is with sincere gratitude that I share this message with you, and hope those of you reading this blog understand that I am humbled and accept this honor on behalf of every burn survivor who has struggled to hide their scars.
Sherrie wrote:

"Share the good news! Sarah Bazey, Mrs. International 2012, is featured on Tiara Magazine's website which is read in over 140 countries!!

An interview with Sarah Bazey, Mrs. International 2012, also named Tiara Magazine's Most Beautiful Titleholder of the year! Read her inspiring story. http://tiaramag.net/2012/10/sarah-bazey-mrs-international-2012/"

Tiara Magazine has nominated Sarah Bazey, Mrs. International 2012, as the Most Beautiful Titleholder of the year! Each year we choose one woman that we feel exemplifies beauty, grace, and integrity. Look for Sarah in our upcoming fall/winter issue of Tiara Magazine. I had the beautiful opportunity as founder and editor of Tiara Magazine to sit down and interview this phenomenal lady.

She is a true survivor with a strong will that defied all odds. She was once a burn victim of a terrible tragedy and she took her experience and overcame it by becoming Mrs. International 2012. More importantly, she has shared her light with others. She is a beacon of hope for those that have become burn victims and helps those suffering turn their sadness into a new found hope to live, love, and laugh. Sarah Bazey is a true story of grace, from a victim to a victor, and we are proud to introduce to you Mrs. International 2012.


Sherrie Gearheart
Editor in Chief
Tiara Magazine

With deep appreciation,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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