As I celebrate momentous occasions throughout my Senior year, it is hard to believe that I only have a few short months as a high school student. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as an Ashford High School Yellow Jacket. This week is a bittersweet occasion, as I celebrate my last high school Homecoming. Every year, we show our Homecoming spirit by dressing up during our “Crazy Dayz”. Our Homecoming theme is “Tame the Tigers”.

We have incorporated a Circus Theme into our pep rally, door decorations, and dress up days. Today, the theme was “The Greatest Show on Earth”. We all dressed up as different people you see at the circus. Our hallways were filled with clowns, tightrope walkers, girls dressed as candy, ring masters, lion tamers, and even carnival workers. We had so much fun showing our Jacket Pride!

Two of my favorite characters of the day: My friend Alec was a carnival worker and my friend Tyler was a clown!

My best friend, Hayden, dressed up as a lion tamer.

Stay tuned for more pictures from my last Homecoming week!

Caroline Crowley


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