Fishing with Angels

This week, I attended the 12th annual Fishing with Angels Day. Mr. Joe Phillips, a local resident, began the fishing day after his granddaughter, Tiffany, passed away from complications due to Cerebral palsy. Every year, he stocks his pond with over 3,000 catfish and begins feeding them twice a day eight months prior to the event. This year, we had a record turn-out, with over 500 children with special needs attending the fishing day. We enjoyed a day of fishing, food, and fun! This is definitely a day I look forward to every year!

Posing with my friends Suzie and Drew after our interviews with local media channels
Suzie was actually my inspiration to compete in the Miss Teen International pageant. My goal is to open doors for others to serve children with special needs. She will always be my queen…and she definitely has the personality to go with crown!

Drew was a little tired after a long day of fishing. He caught 14 catfish! He even taught me how to take a fish off of the hook.
Jazzmyn received a cochlear implant 3 months ago. Although she does not hear words the same as most people, through auditory-verbal therapy, she is learning to read lips so that she can communicate with others. It is amazing how she is able to watch others speak and form words on her own without being able to hear the actual sounds. She amazes me!

Caroline Crowley


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