Best of 2012

I can’t believe it is already the beginning of a new year! It is hard to believe my reign as Miss Teen International 2012 is nearly half way over. However, that also means that the Miss Teen International 2013 competition is quickly approaching!

One thing I learned from competing is that you can never be “too prepared” and it is never too early to begin preparing. If you listen to the radio or read popular magazines, you will notice their “Top Hits of 2012”. So, to help you prepare for competition or even appearances, here are some of my pageant favorites from the past year.

1.Autograph Cards
You will need autograph cards for competition week in Chicago. However, even as a state title holder, autograph cards are a great piece of memorabilia to hand out to your many fans. I even wrote thank you notes on them to those that supported me on my way to nationals. When you wear your crown, people notice you! Trust me…everyone wants a queen’s autograph!

2.Clay Spann Lip Glass
This clear gloss is one of my all-time favorites! It offers a long lasting shine that can be worn over your favorite Clay Spann lipstick or alone for every day wear.

3.Crown & Roses Logo Tracksuit by Titlewear
At the beginning of my reign, I was given the velour tracksuit with the Miss International logo on the back of the jacket in rhinestones. It is great for traveling…comfy and cute!!

4.My “glam bag” given to me by Miss Teen International 2011, Jurnee Carr
After the coronation ball, Jurnee’s gift to me was a lime green and pink tote with rhinestone encrusted “Miss Teen International 2012” on the front.  It is the perfect size for an extra pair of comfortable shoes, my autograph cards, and my make-up bag for touch ups between appearances. A cute and sensible tote is a MUST for nationals and appearances. During the week of finals, a shoe bag for rehearsals will be absolutely imperative!

5.Holly Hardwick Crown Case
Mrs. International 2012, Sarah Bazey, recently introduced me to the Holly Hardwick line of crown carriers. Her line of stylish crown cases makes it easy to protect your crown in style!

6.Protein/Energy Bars
I have always loved to snack. Protein bars are a great on-the-go source of energy, even if you are watching your figure!

7.My “Pageant on Wheels”
It may have a crazy name, but TRUST me, if you ask any contestant from the 2012 pageant, they will testify that it is a LIFESAVER. My mom bedazzled a huge tackle box (with wheels) and “Pageant on Wheels” was created. It holds my hair and make-up supplies, a sewing kit, cosmetic tape, safety pins, Static Guard, scissors, and most likely any other pageant necessity you can imagine. Like I said, you can NEVER be “too prepared”.

8.Social Media
Social media isn’t exactly anything new or surprising. However, if you haven’t already, utilize tools such as Facebook and Twitter to start making friends! Knowing other contestants will help ease your nerves before orientation because you will already be comfortable around one another. If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at any of the following:

Facebook:  Caroline Crowley
Twitter:  @caroline_c13

Happy 2013!

Best wishes,

Caroline Crowley


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