North Dakota International Pageants

One perk of being the queen, that I have been eagerly looking forward to, is finally being on the other side of the table, judging! I was counting down the days when asked to come to the North Dakota International Pageant. I thought that being a judge would take some of the pressure off and I could relax and enjoy the show. Boy was I wrong, I think I was more nervous than the contestants.

In interview, I wanted to make sure I made all the girls feel comfortable but still challenge them. I was nervous I would come across as mean or intimidating, that is just so not me! I was very impressed with all of the contestants as they filtered through the judging tables. There were so many beautiful, intelligent, accomplished, and motivated young women. That’s what I really enjoy about this system, the quality of women it attracts. I loved hearing about their personal lives and platform work personally coming from them. No matter how well a bio is written, there is nothing like seeing someone’s face and eyes light up when they talk about their passion. 

After interviews were over, we enjoyed a meal together and I got to catch up with a few friends of mine who happened to be judging too, Maddy Thoele Miss Minnesota Intl 2009 and Megan Ehlert Miss Teen Minnesota 2007! We got to bed soon after dinner and got up bright and early to watch rehearsals. Seeing the girls outside of the performance portion of the competition is very important. I like to see how the girls interact with one another, how they take direction, and their level of patience.

In the afternoon we had lunch at Grazies and later, dinner at the Cork n’ Cleaver. After much anticipation, the final show had finally arrived! We watched as the crowed filed into their seats. There was a buzz of excitement in the air. The lights dimmed and the emcees appeared from behind the curtains, Becky Ringen Miss Minnesota Intl 2007 and the local Bison Football announcer! The North Dakota team produced a fabulous show! The choreography and staging was top notch! Finally, the 2013 queens were about to be announced…I was so excited for them. I was totally reliving my own crowning moment in my head.

Saying goodbye to the 2012 queens Olivia Naylor, Erica Lemma, and Ashley Voigt was tear jerking but I am so thrilled for the new 2013 queens, and don’t worry ladies, your crowns are in good hands. Good luck in all your future endeavors. You have the support of your international family forever.
Say hello to the New North Dakota Queens!

Congratulations Grace Sproule Miss Teen North Dakota Intl 2013, Taylor Wagner Miss North Dakota Intl 2013, and Jennifer Mauch Mrs. North Dakota Intl 2012!! Welcome to the International sisterhood. I am so proud! You will be wonderful titleholders!
 Enjoy this year because it goes by in the blink of an eye. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, this is a once in a lifetime type of year. Live it up!

All my love XOXO,

Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012

P.S. Erica Lemma – how did we manage to not get one photo taken this whole weekend?!
(big sad face)


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