Free Arts Wins a Grant!

I am thrilled to report that Free Arts Minnesota has been awarded a $10,000 Life Improvement Grant from IKEA.  This $10,000 from IKEA will be used to install organized, secure craft supply storage in the 30 sites supported by Free Arts MN. These cabinets will contribute to volunteer retention and give ownership and a sense of trust to the 4,000+ youth who benefit from their programs. 

With an overhaul of the storage areas at the Free Arts offices, supplies and donations will be easy to track and catalogue, increasing efficiencies in time and reduced spending.  I can personally attest to the work required to organize and inventory everything artsy from glitter glue to tempra paint to balls of yarn.  I spent many afternoons sorting and counting craft supplies to ensure that a project could be successfully completed.

A big thank you to the all of my Facebook friends and the Free Arts volunteers who took time to cast a vote for my favorite local organization!

Krista Wanous


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