Appearance Outfit Inspiration

As a titleholder, you will be attending events from casual walks to CEO meetings. It is so important that you are presentable AND appropriate at all times. My rule of thumb is to think: “Be the most glamorous woman there, yet not be over/under dressed”. We are looked to as beacons of inspiration for fashion and should always dress to impress.

Casual Event: 

If you have an event where you know there will be kids running around and/or you will be doing lots of bending down or moving, it’s important to be comfortable and functional. I try to stay away from traditional denim, and trade for colored denim as it 1) looks brighter and 2) dresses things up a smidge. However, This inspiration photo is a great example. The polish of the silk top, blazer, and accessories balance the low key bottoms. Plus – most photos of you will be from the waist-up so keep that in mind as you are choosing options.

In regard to shoes – I love the ones pictured here, but heels are not always necessary. A cute and CLEAN pair of flats or dressy sandals can work too (but I would steer clear of any kind of “flip-flop”)

School Visit: 

How cute is this inspiration photo!? When visiting with students, I love to max out on bright clothing. We know that kids respond well to colors and it is an easy way to grab their attention in a fun way. To them you are a “princess” they almost expect you to look like you popped out of a storybook. Plus, colorblocking is a major trend lately. It’s important to be cautious of any outfits that you feel need to be constantly adjusted or could potentially show too much skin. You will likely be bending down or sitting and the last thing you want to have to think about is your outfit when there are amazing connections and conversations to be had.

Business/Sponsorship Meeting: 

Coverage is key – sleek and feminine. If you are forming a business relationship with a sponsor, you must rely on your interview skills and not a racy outfit. That said, be fashion forward. We are a different and creative potential partner for them, we bring something different to the table. Show them how you would present yourself if you were at a trade show/event on their behalf. Obviously, colors and accessories may vary based on your personality and the type of business you are presenting to. I love this look because the accessories carry all the pizazz but it still says that you can control the room.

TV appearance: 

I love this outfit for TV. For anything being filmed, you are typically instructed to steer clear of busy patterns, whites, reds, and other harsh colors. The silhouette of this dress is incredibly flattering and will not add any bulk while standing or sitting (as long as you are sitting up straight). The neckline will bring the attention to your face and the pop of color gives the outfit the extra intrigue you need to capture the viewer and show off your own flair.

I hope this gives you some direction and inspiration in your outfit choices. All of these images were drawn from Pinterest. Often when I am at a loss for ideas, I seek out the site and am amazed at suggestions I find that I can incorporate existing wardrobe items into. It helps to make/create a Pinterest board to keep things organized so you can find these references when you are in a pinch!

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