Recently I had the wonderful privilege to meet with a man named Shane Wilson, who produces commercials and directs documentary films. We sat down for a while and in that short time he taught me so much about speaking.

Shane told me that overall I speak very well, but there were a few little adjustments that needed to be made. Apparently, I have trouble with words ending in “le” such as double or trouble! But I’ve been working on it and I’ve defiantly improved!

If you can, I recommend finding someone like Shane who can help you improve the way that you speak. Training like this will set you up to succeed in the future in so many different aspects of your life!

For example… a goal of mine in the future is to get into the commercial making business as a spokesperson. Another is that I’m considering majoring in broadcasting.

Not only in those situations, but also in everyday life it is important to speak properly. Automatically, you appear to be more professional and established.

As a titleholder, people look up to you and often expect you to conduct yourself like a queen would. (Which includes speaking like a queen).

I think it’s very important to look and sound your best especially when wearing your crown! Professionals like Shane can help you begin to speak more clearly and properly and set you up to succeed!

All my love,

Haley Pontius


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