Fall Festival

Small towns may be overlooked from time to time but there are actually perks to being part of a small community. On October 3rd Forrest City hosted the annual Downtown Music and Art Festival. As a member of the Youth Advisory Council I got to participate by face painting with the help of a few more girls while others directed the bouncy houses. While we made sure the children were having fun, a famous figure in our community, known by the name of Milton Patton, performed covers of country favorites. He put Forrest City on the map a few years ago by making his debut on America's Got Talent. Many booths were set up as well as food stands, including the stands for our famous Barbeque! The Youth Advisory Council has partnered with committees involved in downtown revitalization. YAC has supported this project by on site volunteering and by designing a logo for the light post banners. The YACcers are always excited to join in whatever way we can!

This all took place around the Historic Museum. The second level of the museum was once home to a family in the late 1800s and the first level was a doctor's office. It now holds art, farm equipment, Victorian furniture, dresses, army uniforms, Native American artifacts and the doctor's operational table and utensils dated all the way back to when it was built. During the fall festival, the museum was open to tour. I love learning the history of where I have been born and raised.

Jules Fletcher


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