Family Time

The past couple of years have been busy for us. Not only are our kiddos at that very busy, non-stop aka no nap age, but life has just been going at lightning speed. My reign as Mrs. International seems to have gone by in a blink of an eye. With all of the hustle and bustle that happens in all of our lives, it is so important to remember to spend quality time with those that we share our lives with. Quality time with those that we love are what fills our memories.

This spring, we have been so lucky to have lots of visitors come see us in Texas. My mom has been with us since April and it has been amazing! We have done so many fun things while she has been here and are so gracious for her help. My best friend, Shelly came for a long weekend. My brother was here, then my wonderful in-laws came. Elise has flown in from Houston a few times and to finish out our spring and help us bring in the summer, my first cousin and her two girls drove out from South Carolina to spend a week with us. Having family around truly is what makes me the happiest. We love sitting around and talking about funny things that happened in the past and creating new memories together that we will talk about in years to come.

My little cousin was up late with me one night, as I was writing this and decided to help me write my second blog. 

No matter if your family lives right around the corner or around the world from you, taking the time out of your life to nurture your relationship with them is important. Remember, family doesn’t just have to mean blood, I have so many friends that are more like family to me. Soon, you will each meet a set of new family members in the International system.

Until the Mission is Complete,



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