Travel in Style

Since being crowned Miss International, I have constantly been on the go. It’s a true blessing and each day I wake up excited to see what is next. The crown and banner have a tendency to bring attention in the airport and the people I am able to meet often open doors that would otherwise be closed. Over the past month, in the airport alone, I have met two people that will be instrumental in growing True Beauty and International Pageants! I intentionally dress “snappy casual” so that I represent our system and present a professional image simultaneously. Being Miss International gets attention but being a well-equipped and professional Miss International keeps people interested.

My flights often leave first thing in the morning so the days start around 2:30AM so I have time to do my hair and make-up, take care of my puppy, and get to the airport. Planning in advance and being intentional allows me to look stylish even while hopping on a plane at 5:00am!

Wherever your adventures may take you, I’ve compiled my best guidance for traveling in style and in a way that projects all that we are at International Pageants!

1. Opt for shorts or pants over a dress

Mind you, this is coming from a complete girly-girl… dresses are not always the best option for airplanes. As a titleholder, you often travel by yourself and do not have time for checked baggage. That means you are responsible for lugging your baggage through the airport and putting it in an overhead compartment. Pants and rompers allow for more flexibility while still being modest and professional. A good test for length is placing your hands by your side and if your fingertips are the length of your outfit - you’re good to go. Also, your banner should never be longer than your outfit!

2. Wedges, wedges, wedges

I am all about a cute pair of shoes, but let’s be realistic. Do you want to walk across all the terminals with your heavy carry-on in a pair of stilettos? Wedges are easy to walk in, much more reliable and stable, and look good with a variety of outfits. I have a pair of nude Steve Madden wedges that literally go with me everywhere.

3. Think strategically for your bag

This lesson was learned the hard way. I was traveling through the Dallas airport with my crown case, purse, books, materials, and all of my clothing. My bag had to be carried on my shoulder because it didn’t fit properly on my rolling suitcase. Needless to say, I got a great workout in and my biceps look great. Look for a “personal item” (i.e. bag) that can carry multiple things and fit on top of your suitcase as you roll it! TitleWear has multiple options that fit this criteria perfectly. My TitleWear tote bag can fit my crown box, paperwork, and my purse so I can consolidate and not break my arm at the same time!

As a representative, you are a representative at all times - not just when it’s convenient! The opportunity we have to meet people across the world even at 5AM is beautiful and with intentionality we can build bridges!

I’d love to hear about some of your best resources and guidance for travel. Comment below if you’d like to share your best tips, must-haves, or ask questions!

I look forward to seeing how you travel in style!

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno 
Miss International 2016


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