Enjoying the Journey NOT the Destination

With pageant week here, I wanted to share some important advice, probably some of the best advice I ever received in my competition days, that is to “Enjoy the journey, NOT the destination!” This means sometimes we get so focused on winning that we MISS the experience. Don’t let this happen, because if you do you’ll be doing yourself a disservice and missing out the best part of the journey your about to experience.

Nationals week and your current state or regional title is going to be full of so many amazing experiences. Take time and be present in them, or you’ll miss the true meaning of this experience. There will be so many new friendships to be made, so many incredible opportunities to expand your platform, and so much individual growth this experience will create in you as a person. Take the time to enjoy that by being present and enjoying these factors that a journey like this offers, it’s the best part.

As a mom I’ve been told 100 times to not blink, because before I know it my boys will be grown and I will terribly miss these sweet times of their youth. My oldest son will soon be 10, and I know I already am, that I wish I would’ve slowed down just a little more and soaked it in. Same goes for this journey, because before you know it your reign will come to an end and you’ll want to look back and make sure took advantage of all that this can offer and that you truly soaked in every little moment. Enjoy the journey, not the destination.

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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