Nationals Ready Fitness Tips

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my work out routine and what I did to prepare for fitness at nationals. One thing I’ve done, that is key, is make it a lifestyle NOT a fad. I work out for my health and peace of mind, not a national competition, so I’m fortunate because of my dedication, that I’m allot closer to fitness competition goals PRIOR to the time of getting national stage ready. That leads to Tip 1: ALWAYS BE READY. MAKE IT A LIFE STYLE NOT A PREPARATION.
I generally run at least 3 days a week, then lift twice. The older I get the harder it is on my back and knees so if it just seems like too much for me at the time, I’ll get in at least one 5K a week, then substitute the other 2 days for Hot yoga, and keep the same lifting schedule. I’m long and lean, but I bulk up quickly, so knowing my body type and what works best for me, this will keep me lean and defined. Knowing your body and how it responds is key to your physique, this leads to:


A few months out prior to competition I generally will add 30 minutes of InfraRed sauna, general sauna, or instead of general yoga- HOT FLOW SCULPTING yoga! I do this before and after my work out. This helps sweat it out! I’m not a health or gym expert, but when I do this, I find maximum results, very quickly. So Tip 3: WHEN IN DOUBT, SWEAT IT OUT.
The body is truly fascinating! So capable of much more than we think. The one thing is does do, is adapt quickly! So change up your lifting patterns, never run at the same pace, do “Little” tweaks to your routine so your body never gets used to the same thing. This leads to Tip 4: CHANGE IT UP.

I used to get so mad at the scale, my trainer, or the treadmill when I would plateau, or even gain as I’m working SO hard to burn it off. My trainer once said to me “Do you think a STARVING man would ‘Bulk Up’ on the same routine? NO!” I would get so mad, but it’s very true! Working out so much, especially running, I create such an appetite that I would often find myself cheating small bites from my kids plates, frankly because they always taste better than mine, because their usually filled with what I’m NOT supposed to have! You would be AMAZED at what you think is healthy, sometimes is not! This leads to the last tip and most important, Tip 5: ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN NOT THE GYM! RECORD WHAT YOU ARE EATING!
Good Luck during your final preparations and I look forward to seeing you at YOUR best next week!

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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