Pageant Packing and Prep

The countdown is on and before long everyone will be packing up and heading to the National pageant! This year my month before Nationals is much different than last year. I am busy trying to cram in a little more before my reign is over. However, last year was full of preparation! As it approaches here are just a few random tips to help with getting ready.

*Time to listen to your coaches! These people know that it is crunch time and they want to work with you to bring out the best version of yourself. Listen to them and put in the work that they recommend.

*Get prepared mentally for the events that will be taking place throughout the week. You have probably received your handbook by now. Read all of it, cover-to-cover. This will help you know the things that will be going on and give you plenty of time to ask questions before you arrive. Your director should be able to help answer these questions.

*Get that wardrobe ready! You have probably spent months getting your wardrobe selected for Nationals. Now is the time to make any finishing touches as far as altering, accessorizing and making sure the things you have chosen are ready to make their debut. 

*Once you have your wardrobe ready, we did a couple of different things to help stay on track after we arrived in WV. I made picture collages of everything I would be wearing for each event (including shoes and earrings), I put those things in a small photo album to keep on hand and use as a reference. Also, when packing, I put everything for each look together in one garment bag and attached ziploc bags to my hangers that contained the jewelry. Keeping everything together is very helpful! Especially if you are changing in a hurry or maybe your mom is busy getting herself ready. 

*Make a list and check it twice. List out EVERYTHING that you will need for hair, makeup, tan, nails, etc. Pack each item as you go down the list. Share the list with your pageant buddies to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

*Lots of girls used tool boxes or chests backstage that contained accessories and all things needed for hair and makeup. These are GREAT to pack everything in and get it to West Virginia, BUT keep in mind that there are lots of girls backstage and everyone has LOTS of stuff. I used one for travel, but sized down and took just the necessities for backstage. If you are planning to use a toolbox or chest just make sure it isn’t the mega size, otherwise it might be too much for you to try and work around during the pageant.

The excitement is definitely building and it is ALMOST here!!!! The week at Nationals is a BLAST! Taking the time to prepare and get organized before the pageant actually arrives will make things flow smoothly once you get to West Virginia. 



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