International Importance

Traveling internationally has exposed me to a variety of other cultures and customs. I am from the Southern portion of the United States and am well-versed in all things American, but once I was crowned Miss International 2018 I knew I was going to be exposed to many other cultures, customs, and practices. Before traveling to each of the 5 different countries or traveling around the various regions of America, I did my fair share of research. It is imperative for you to know a little bit about the culture you are walking into so that you can dress and pack appropriately, read up on some good conversation topics, and know what is generally accepted in that culture.

For example, before I went to the Philippines I researched the typical female dress. While it is extremely hot there, the women still dress very modestly - knee-length dresses, covered shoulders, and no bikinis. In order for me to promote my platform and represent International Pageants effectively, it was critical that I be dressed in a way the culture would be receive me.

If there is one sport the Filipinos love, it’s basketball! I was asked several times if I was related to Patrick Ewing because we have the same last name - it’s a good thing I looked into basketball before I went and had some idea of who he was. I’m not too good at basketball, but the kids loved watching me try to play!

The Filipinos also have folk dances that are specific to their individual island, and there are more than 7,000 individual islands- yes, you read that right 7,000! This wasn’t something I researched beforehand, but it was definitely something I was introduced to when I was in the city of Bacolod. It’s so important to be open and receptive to customary traditions.

Traveling internationally is always a good experience, but a little bit of research can take your trip from good to incredible! Be open, be adventurous, be ready to travel internationally!

Travel On,

Kaylee Ewing
Miss International 2018


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