Old Friends

When I was in Texas over Christmas break I was able to attend a pageant in San Antonio with Miss Teen Texas International, Sydney Datcher. The road trip there was 5 hours & so much fun! The best part about going to this pageant though was that I knew so many of the girls competing.

One woman in particular I met when I started doing pageants with when I was just 8 years old! I hadn’t seen her in at least 15 years, but it was a great reminder that when we compete in pageants we make life-long friends!

I also got to meet up with a former Miss Georgia International, Lauren Arnold.

 The emcee of the pageant was the fabulous former Mrs. International, Laine Berry. I got the chance to meet her finally, & she was just as nice & complimentary as I had heard from everyone. She is just another example of how fabulous the International ladies are!

Ashley Smith


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