Top 10 Favorite Restaurants of Mrs. International & Her Husband

I thought it would be fun to share one thing my husband and I have in common – our love for great food. We believe it is best to have what we call “romantic date night” at least once a month, if not once a week. As most of you know, we travel frequently all across the USA and so I thought I’d share the top-10 places we love to have 'romantic date night' when we aren’t at home. Think of this as our own version of Diner’s, Drive-In's and Dive's.

10. MICHIGAN - Fricker's. Comfort food, hometown atmosphere and cool people. This regional chain has locations that cross the border into northwestern Ohio. The chicken chunks, hot, are juicy and have just enough spice. I also recommend their amazingly tasty curly fries with cheese sauce. (And if you are really hungry, their toasted ravioli with marinara sauce is also WONDERFUL.)

9. ALABAMA - Damn Yankees. Southern cookin’ with a smile.

8. TEXAS – Prairie House. Hidden and off the beaten path, this local restaurant is worth visiting every time you are headed to Texas Motor Speedway. Home cooked meals that you can smell for miles that are healthy and delicious.

7. INDIANA - Dunaway's. Historic, classy, elegant and mouth-watering and sitting on the rooftop gives you a beautiful view of the city.

6. SOUTH CAROLINA – The River House at Palmetto Bluff.  A beautiful way to start or end the day with great food and a relaxing view of the May River.

5. CALIFORNIA - Scoma's. We love seafood and dream about the next time we get to go there for dinner.

4. OHIO - Eddie Merlot's at Polaris. Five stars all around for customer service, atmosphere, décor and food.  (Ask for Tom.)

3. GEORGIA – Bone’s in Buckhead. This local restaurant is classic, old-south style with dark, hardwood comfort and simply amazing food. (Be sure to pack a sport coat as it is required.)

2. NORTH CAROLINA - Flemings Steakhouse in Uptown Charlotte. This place always exceeds our expectations and is great for a couple or a group.

1. FLORIDA - Bern's Steakhouse in Tampa. If the melt-in-your-mouth steaks aren’t enough, they have a separate dessert room to seal the deal on one of the best romantic date night restaurants of all time. (At least in our opinion.)

Janet Bolin


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