How to Fundraise

Are you looking for a way to raise money for your cause? I've got your answer! For the past 4 years I have been fund raising for my organization, Jurnee's Journey. I sell jewelry on my website, I also sell jewlery, do face painting, and have animals up for adoption from my local shelter at expos. A great new idea was to have a yard sale to raise money for my American Heart Association Heart Walk team. People donated items to us and we raised over $200 for the Heart Walk!

Other ways to fundraise and donate are:

*Have a car wash on a sunny day.

*Sell items according to your cause. For example, I sell animal themed jewelry and give the money raised directly back to rescue groups.

*Have a bake sell at your church. Who doesn't like homemade cookies?!

The possibilities are endless! Whether you sell candy at a game or have an online donation drive, any way you can give back to your cause helps. If you need any help formulating ideas to fundraise, I would love to help! Remember, it's not about how much money you raise, it's about getting the word out for your cause.

Jurnee Carr


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