Start Your Engines!

Tackling the bustling traffic and hiking up to the track added to the excitement of my first race! It was amazing to see hundreds of thousands of people rally to support their favorite driver.

I used to watch NASCAR races with my grandfather on Sunday afternoons, but nothing could compare to seeing it in person! After the starting flag was waved, the drivers took off! It looked like a tornado of wheels and engines on the track! I immediately pictured my little brother, Daxx, playing with his matchbox cars. 500 laps literally speed by!

My good friends at WJHL (our local CBS affiliate) invited me to watch the race in their luxury suite. We had a ball! The food was top notch and I networked with local business owners and met a few celebrities!

Big Tom from Survivor: Africa was in the suite!

Morgan King, co-host of DayTime Tri-Cities, and a good friend of mine, was “king” of the night!

My first race was a thrill; I definitely lived up the “suite” life! I can’t wait to go watch another one! Now, if only they had a pink stock car I could race…

Jurnee Carr


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