Appearances Matter

Ok. So the title of my blog is purposefully deceptive. When I use the word “Appearance,” I am talking about titleholder appearances and not the way you look on the outside. Everyone loves a working queen, however, appearances can be exhausting and consuming. At this very moment, my car is filled with my crown, sash, a sack of 30 to 40 books, bookmarks, pens, pencils, autograph cards, 4 pairs of shoes, back-up make-up, a garment bag with 2 just in case I’m a klutz dresses, and a pageant pack of tide pens, safety pins and baby wipes. And yes, I am tired and there have been times when I have wondered whether I was actually making a difference. The short answer is yes, appearances do matter.

Appearances are not only a way to promote your platform. They are a way to connect with people not only in your community but throughout the world. The beauty of appearances is that you never know who you will meet and what your meeting will lead to. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve met someone at an appearance, that resulted in another appearance or even a business opportunity. But most importantly, at each appearance, I usually make a meaningful connection with at least one person, which may not seem like a lot, but over time I like to think it makes a difference. Whether it is in a girl’s perception of her beauty or whether I have encouraged a child to pursue their education, appearances are the heartbeat of your year as a titleholder. So when you’re tired, just remember, Appearances do matter.


Ciji Dodds
Miss International 2011


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