West Virginia International Pageant

In one of West Virginia’s finest art galleries, museums, and crafts place, the 2012 West Virginia International pageant was held! The Tamarack is a mall of everything that is West Virginia! I got to get a taste of the state when I traveled there to help out with the pageant! 

The morning was kicked off with interviews. The ladies looked so professional and well prepared!

Signing autographs for some sweet girls!

That night, it was time to crown the 2012 queens. Girls in Junior, Teen, Miss, and Mrs. All competed for the coveted state title.

Crowning the new Miss West Virginia International 2012 - Kendra Smith!

Crowning the new Miss Teen West Virginia International 2012 - Brittany Lee-Anne Glover!
It was an honor to be a part of this pageant! I got to speak about my platform and the International Pageant System.

Congrats to the new queens!

Jurnee Carr


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