Meeting Sherri Hill!

Traveling to Dothan, Alabama, for The Competitive Image Trunk Show was once again a memorable experience! Reflecting back on the night I was crowned Mrs. Minnesota International in March of 2012, my director gave me the announcement for the trunk show and asked me if I might be interested in participating. For me it was an easy answer, “absolutely!” I had made a very personal commitment to enjoy all aspects this journey and to seize every opportunity within my reach.

The idea of working with Joey to find the perfect Meet & Greet Sherri Hill gown, watching Clay and Terri work their magic, meeting Mary, and sitting down with Suzy seemed like a wonderful opportunity. After all, learning is part of the adventure and who knows the International pageant system better than this group of individuals. Some may believe attending the trunk show has some political gain, however, that is not my belief…as a competitor, I simply wanted to be as prepared for the judges in Chicago as possible.

That said, the one opportunity that eluded me due to timing during my first trip was an introduction to the talented Sherri Hill. Fortunately, my second trunk show afforded me the unforgettable introduction to this amazing designer. It was so much fun to see Sherri consider my ideas and put pencil to paper, creating sketches that captured my dream gowns. Together with Joey, Mary, and Sherri we created three different custom designs for which I am dying to wear!

Again, I want to thank everyone at The Competitive Image for making me feel so welcome! Thank you to Mary for sharing your fashion sense and words of wisdom. It is always a wonderful treat to see members of our International family (thank you again ladies) at the trunk show. Suzy, you are as gorgeous as ever. Caroline and Denise, I adore you both! And, last but not least, I want to thank Sherri Hill for her time, talent, and lovely conversation!

With Sherri Hill!

Two fabulous ladies Suzy and Mary

The soon to be a graduate, Miss Caroline!

With love and appreciation,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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