Osseo Junior High Goes Red!!

I was asked by a dear friend, Laura Ringen to accompany her during our local Junior High “Red Out”. With Laura by my side and our fabulously funny American Heart Association Representative, Shannon, we painted the school red… metaphorically of course.

Laura is a big supporter of Go Red and as the school activities and administrative coordinator, she worked diligently to put together a week of Heart Health for the middle school kids.  “Rock the Beat” T-shirts were sold to almost every student, lollipops were being sold to raise funds, they had a rockin’ DJ playing the hottest tunes in the cafeteria during lunch to get the kids excited about their Heart Health!

I helped sell t-shirts and encouraged students to spin the “wheel of - heart health – fortune” where the students had to answer heart health questions or do exercise to win a prize. These kids really knew their stuff. I was very impressed they knew almost every answer on the wheel!

Laura Ringen’s Osseo cheer squad accompanied us during lunch to help raise awareness and excitement about the “Rock the Beat” program. They were most excited about the American Heart Association Basketball Tournament that was taking place after school. 

I am so thankful Laura invited me to represent Go Red at a school where I grew up.  It makes me proud to know my fellow Osseo students are being well educated about the risks and prevention of heart disease.  And as always, it was an honor to represent the American Heart Association and share my heart story with the Osseo students. 

GO Osseo!
GO Red!!

Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012


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