Tamika Hall Radio Show

A few weeks ago, I was featured on the Tamika Hall Radio Show! The radio show focuses on the accomplishments of titleholders across the nation. I was so honored to have been chosen as a featured guest.

Tamika Hall has held many titles and serves as a motivational speaker. She is an award winning author and absolute proof that “pageant girls” really can change the world! Her radio shows not only showcase successful queens, but also offer pageant tips and life coaching.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous to be on the show, but Tamika made me feel so comfortable and welcome. She asked in depth questions about my platform and views and allowed me to let the world know who I am as a person and a titleholder. I was so grateful for this opportunity and had a wonderful time speaking with Tamika!

The following is a link to the Tamika Hall Radio Show segment in which I was featured: www.blogtalkradio.com/tamikahall/2013/04/01/pageant-insider-monday

Caroline Crowley


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