Art Imitates Life

A common expression is “Art imitates Life”.  It is not the finished product, but the process of making a painting that is like life.  It starts with an inspiration to go in a specific direction.  Then one has to gather the supplies and tools to pursue the goal.  Along the way, certain choices are questioned; perhaps some brush strokes seem wrong and must be corrected. Sometimes whole sections must be repeated.  At times it may seem that the original idea was more than one can achieve, too complicated, too far reaching.  When one reaches that point they may feel like casting the goal aside.  Knowing when to stop is so difficult.  So many questions and feelings of doubt can creep in.    You may ask yourself; will one more step bring it all together? Is this so messed up that there is no point in moving forward?

The need to salvage the work that has been started pushes one forward, but how to proceed continues to be a quandary?  Then it is time to step back an assemble a framework around all the work that has been done.  Getting some distance between the work and yourself can provide a different perspective – provide clarity around the next step.  Feedback from a trusted friend can provide the spark that ignites the solution.  The final piece can come together slowly, then suddenly, there it is, you know that you have it just right and the feeling is like completing a marathon.  You have done it and it all has come together – that initial flutter of an idea flew and then softly landed, a feeling of accomplishment floods your heart!

To quote a lovely young lady who inspired me, “let faith replace Fear and pursue your dreams!”  Remember it is the process that matters, not the finished product.

Art Heals!!

Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012


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