SeaWorld San Diego

On Friday October 3rd my sister queens and I were special guests at SeaWorld San Diego! Not only was I excited to go to SeaWorld but I couldn’t wait to see Blair and Maggie as I had not seen them since our Clay Spann Photo shoots! We were given time to enjoy the park on our own before out behind the scenes tour and photos!

The very first thing we did was ride the roller coaster “Manta”! I love roller coasters and assumed since we were at SeaWorld it would be tame, but I was wrong! The coaster was extremely fast and had a lot of twists and turns! In true Pageant girl style we did take a “Selfie” before the ride started!

We then went and pet String Rays! Blair and Maggie were champs! I, on the other hand was a little afraid! They felt like a mixture of rubber and slime!

One of the coolest things we saw was a wall made of ICE in the penguin exhibit. Maggie tried to hold her hand against the wall long enough to make an imprint! We then entered onto a people mover and viewed the different penguin, Beluga Whale and Walrus Exhibits!

Next on our agenda was a quick trip to see Shamu! Its so amazing how well trained Shamu is! And let me tell you- Shamu is the KING of the park, from Rice Krispy treats to Ice Cream- they all resemble him!

My favorite part of the afternoon was our behind the scenes tour! I am still waiting for the “official” photos from SeaWorld, so for now I will just share a sneak peak of Maggie petting one of the Dolphins!

We were introduced to a Pilot whale whom we also got to feed and dance with- yes you heard me right, the Whale danced with us! Next were the Dolphins. Not only were we able to pet the dolphins but we were able to take our shoes off and sit on the wet platform with them!

Lastly we met a Sea Lion! He was pretty cool and reminded me of a dog. He needed to “sniff” you to make sure you were alright with him before you could take a photo with him! During one of the photos his trainer signaled for him to roar. I jumped 10 feet in the air it was so loud! I had no idea they were capable of that! It makes sense that they are called sea “lions”

Thank you so much to SeaWorld San Diego for the incredible opportunity and to my amazing sister queen Maggie Thorne, Mrs. International 2014 for inviting me!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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