A Few Simple Tips!

Hello Ladies! Lately I have received a lot of emails asking for Tips for your upcoming state INTL pageants, so I decided to make a blog to share with you all so that it could be fair! I know that I have made several blogs on interview and platform, so please refer to those if that is the area you are requesting help in! I just wanted to touch base on a few basic tips!

Posing Onstage:

Make sure your poses are meaningful and powerful, take a few seconds in each pose to truly soak it all in! Please practice in front of a mirror with your poses so you can see if they look “right” before doing them onstage. I see a lot of girls who lean back really far in their fitness wear, I think it is to “stretch out” their bodies as to look taller or leaner, but it can look odd onstage. So please be aware of your posture and stance. Also, watch posing with your inner thigh out, too often I see a girl pose with her right leg turned outward and exposing her inner thigh, it’s just not a solid look. Always keep “pretty feet” or your T- stance in mind when landing in your poses!


I know Fun Fashion can throw a lot of people off if you’ve never competed before! The best recommendation I can give, is too look at what the girls have worn the previous years, DO NOT COPY them, but it will give you an idea of what is appropriate! Be mindful of hemlines and slits! At most pageants, the judges are sitting below you in the first couple rows! Make sure that if you do a spin or have to turn sideways that you are covered up!

Onstage Question:

We have all seen it, that girl who is perfection onstage, but then bombs her onstage question. It’s heartbreaking. There are a few good things to keep in mind during this portion of competition.

ANSWER THE question! Do not give a memorized speech that completely ignores the question.

Do have an idea of what you’re going to say beforehand. The INTL pageant system will ask you about your platform, most likely something along the lines of what you’re going to do with the crown. But again, make sure to answer the question, especially if its specific and not general.

Watch your hands! I speak with my hands, so I tend to go big with them onstage and it can be distracting. SO I like to hold them behind my back while I'm not speaking!


Every single word on your paperwork needs to have meaning. Far too often I have judged a pageant and asked a girl about a hobby or group she’s involved in to find out that she’s only done it once. Put things on your paperwork that you want to be asked about! Fill out the application completely, there should not be any blank space! PLEASE type your application, a hand written one seems like you didn’t take the time to really prepare for the pageant!


If you back comb your hair, please make sure the top layer is smooth. I don’t think I can harp on this enough! In all aspects of competition, the judges will see the back of your head, including interview! Keeps you finger and toe nails simple. You do not want to distract the judges with nail designs or sparkles! I normally have a pink and white French tip on my fingers and a nude solid color on my toes! Try to also keep the perfume to a minimum when entering interview, you do not want to suffocate th4e judges by spraying 15 pumps of Chanel #5 on right before going in!

I will give more extensive tips on each phase of competition as the pageant draws closer, but I hope this helps for now!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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