Mind Games

This blog has been simmering in my mind for a while and is a call for encouragement to all of our pageant sisters, or anyone you know that needs to be reminded how valuable they are.

At first this blog title was going to be called “living your life by likes”, but at the end of the day, our value and self worth is only determined by one thing…what WE think of our self. It’s our mindset.

Social Media is an extremely valuable and necessary tool on your pageant journey and I encourage you to continue broadening your use of it and knowledge of each interface….BUT use it with your mind in the right place.

I have seen many women defeat themselves before even stepping on stage because they see what other titleholders are doing and begin to tell themselves they are not good enough. This is heartbreaking. Number one, YOU ARE AMAZING, pageant ladies are courageous!

It can easily be mistaken that people are just looking for the most expensive gown, biggest cup size, skinniest waist, etc. What is truly sexy though?

We see what others like, or maybe what has the most likes and can decrease our own personal value. Ladies, our worth is not based on the opinion of someone as they scroll through social media. Do we want to build our audience? Absolutely, but staying the real us and not tailoring our social media to fit someone else’s mold is one of the most valuable ways to live out our lives.

Keep in mind a few things:

1. We have nothing to prove to anyone

2. There will be people that will not like us….and there is nothing we can do about it. We cannot tailor to the people who have already shaped their opinion of us, if they change their mind, great, but stay authentic and celebrate the people who lift you up

3. Most of the time if someone does not like us….it actually has nothing to do with us. Our value cannot decrease based one another’s insecurity

4. The only one who can really ever defeat us….is us

5. Don’t join the club. It can be attractive to feel more “involved” in the gossip. It’s not worth it, celebrate other women, be an encourager!

6. Know who you are and stay who you are, because the real you, is THE BEST you and we “LIKE” that ☺

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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