National Safe Haven Awareness Month

This month is National Safe Haven Awareness Month, in honor of it, I would like to emphasize on the importance of Safe Haven Laws. This is important because remain unaware of such laws.

Last week alone, we had three babies die from abandonment in the US! To make things worse, this could have easily been avoided by utilizing Safe Haven laws.

"I've done multiple events, and no one's even heard of Safe Haven Laws. If you ask the question, 'Have you ever heard of a young girl throwing a baby in the garbage?' You get, 'Oh yeah, I've heard of that. It's so sad,' but most haven't heard of the law!"

Every state has some form of Safe Haven Law. By utilizing them, a mother that feels unfit for parenting can hand her baby over to any staff at any fire station, police station, hospital, or church. (It's important to know that these laws do differ from state to state. So visit for more info.)

This law not only saves the newborn, but it also saves the mother from having to face child-abandonment charges.

By sharing this, you are helping us spread the word and you could possibly save the life of a newborn. This day in age, social media can be instrumental in educating. Please join us in the fight against abandonments.

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