Crystal Clear

My dad is an amazing man. Truly a stand out in every way. He has a beautiful story of the American dream and has shown that hard work can take you places you never imagined. Some of his Dad-isms make me love him even more… the face he makes when he’s fake smiling that makes us all laugh, his love for emojis, and how he always knows the perfect thing to say. He gives an earthly glimpse of my Heavenly Father’s love.

A lesson I learned from Pops early on was the importance of being “crystal clear.” Not just clear, no no, crystal clear. Your intentions, dreams, motives, expectations… they all have to be crystal clear. The more viivd they are… the better. Ideas are great - but plans are better. By being crystal clear… there is no room for ambiguity. There is no gray. We know where we are going, the heart behind it, and how we are going to get there.

In pageants, Dad’s lesson reigns true. As you prepare for Miss International, even specifically the Interview portions, you must be crystal clear. You have to see yourself as Miss International long before the crown touches your head. You have to have a crystal clear plan of what you will do once you become Miss International. The more clear - the closer it is to becoming reality.

As you prepare for Internationals 2017, take Poppa Moreno’s advice and get crystal clear on everything. Below is a list of a few topics I encourage you to reflect on and get crystal clear in your mind before arriving in Charleston, WV
  • Who you are in Christ
  • What you believe in and stand for
  • Why you would be a great Miss International
  • How you will financially provide for yourself during this year of service
  • How you will use the crown as a megaphone
  • Where you will travel and for what purposes
  • How you will manage your personal, professional, and Miss International life
  • What you will do to promote the program
  • What your morning after meeting with the director will look like
  • The legacy you want to leave behind
I know that Miss International 2017 is out there right now and I cannot wait to meet her! With Poppa Moreno’s guidance, I know she’ll be ready for the job and incredible year of service.

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International


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