Top 10 Things To Focus On For The Next Few Weeks

Pageant week is right around the corner, we are literally just weeks away from meeting one another! (Insert happy dance!)

Sooo, what should you be focusing on during these last few weeks?

Top 10 things to focus on for the next few weeks:

1. Nutrition! Make sure you're eating healthy balanced meals..In order to achieve that lean look, cut back on your carbs (depending on how you're training) sugars and sweets, and for the next few weeks, add more veggies and plenty of water.

2. Fitness. It's crunch time, literally! I recommend doubling up, so instead of 3 days a week, start working out 5-6 days a week for the next few weeks.

3. Wardrobe- Time to buy any last minute wardrobe, shoes or accessories for pageant week.

4. Mock Interviews- Now is the time to really prepare and study. Have some friends mock interview and critique you.

5. Use Social Media To Your Advantage- Take this time to promote your platform, to post awareness and education posts, time to showcase yourself and your passion for your platform.

6. Appearances- Make sure you're making quality appearances, taking plenty of photos and really promoting your platform all over your social media accts.

7. Blogging- Use this time to blog about your platform. Should you win, blogging will become a big part of your life. So get used to the idea!

8. Get To Packing- The sooner you start, the better. I had my suitcase ready and prepared early, and as I remembered things, I'd add it to my suit case. So when it came time to leave, I was ready, and I didn't forget a thing!

9. Practice! Get those heels on and start walking. Watch yourself in the mirror, ask someone you record you. Practice makes perfect.

10. Book it- If you haven't already, it's time to book your flights and any hotel for your friends and family. Time to make any babysitter arrangements you might need.

It's time to get things ready for Mrs. International week!! I hope this helps you, I'll be seeing you real soon.

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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