What To Wear For Pageant Week

By now, most of you have started to collect your clothes for pageant week. I know how stressful it can be planning your wardrobe. So here are some helpful tips as you prepare for your pageant week:


It was important for me, to be me. I knew that the judges wouldn't be at orientation, so I could wear something that made me feel beautiful, glamourous, yet comfortable. This was super flowy, it would glide as I walked. And most importantly, it was me! I felt confident in it. I got so many compliments on this, I remember Joey from the Competitive Image coming up to me and saying that he LOVED my dress! (Fyi- you will be taking lots of photos that evening.)


You can be you, for the most part. So think comfort, I don't recommend sweats but you can be more “comfortable” in something like jumpers, or long maxi dresses are also perfect for rehearsals! I wore a lot of long dresses, and jumpers. I knew we would be practicing on a stage, and there would be people below watching...So the thought of someone seeing up my skirt crossed my mind a few times. Therefore, I wore jumpers, or long dresses to practice in. That really helped me, I didn't want to be distracted by any insecurities! Don't forget to take some comfortable shoes to switch when your feet are hurting. Remember you need to practice in the shoes you will be wearing on-stage at the pageant. Practice makes perfect!

Outing day-

I knew we would be taking lots of photos, and that those photos would be in the video played for the judges and audience at the pageant. So it was important for me to wear an outfit that really stood out, yet was comfortable for the day. So I wore this amazing cape dress, which I felt like a queen in. It was unlike anyone else's outfit, it really stood out.



Your interview outfit should be conservative, yet represent you. You must feel 100% confident in what you're wearing to interview. I wore a long sleeve, white dress, with gold beading. I loved this dress, it made me feel confident and elegant.

On-stage Interview-

I had a simple yet elegant cape dress custom made for me. It was white, no beading, no sequins, just white with a cape. BUT I felt incredible in it. Again, confidence is key!


Wear something that makes you shine! You will be in the same room with the judges, you want to look and feel beautiful!

Lastly, have fun. Enjoy your week, be you, and let your light shine from the inside, out!

I'm your Mrs International reminding you-




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