Staying Organized During Internationals Week

I would like to say that I am a super organized person. One of those people that it’s like second nature to. The kind of person that has a perfectly organized closet and make-up drawer. However, none of those things are true. I have to actually work really hard at it and think strategically in order to make sure I stay organized.

Internationals week is one of the most stressful and exciting weeks that you will ever experience. Your hotel is meant to be a safe haven and if you are able to keep the room organized… it will take a significant amount of stress off of you! With a little bit of planning and labeling - you’ll be good to go!

Let’s take a look at three organizational tips that will help you stay organized and stress free during pageant week!
*Labels Are Your Best Friend
As a business nerd, I really like Office Depot. I got my label maker from there a few years ago and had to buy a few new rolls of tape to get ready for Internationals 2016. Literally everything my room was labeled “Georgia - INSERT EVENT NAME.” Whether I took it backstage… to a rehearsal… or even just tossed it in my purse. I knew exactly what it was for and someone could give it back if I lost it.

*Purchase A Hanging Rack & Steamer

There is a Walmart near our hotel that you can visit and purchase an inexpensive hanging rack. The closets are not the biggest - and if you are sharing a room with another contestant you will want to have extra space. I bought one in Jacksonville last year and do not regret my purchase one bit. It kept all my outfits in good condition and looking great! Additionally, I’d consider bringing or purchasing a steamer. Hotel irons are not always the best and it’d be a tragedy if you messed up one of your outfits!

*Once You Use It - Put It Away

Hotel rooms are not the most spacious things in the entire world. Once you know you are done with an outfit and will not need it anymore, go ahead and pack it up or put it to the back of the closet. If you plan out all your looks in advance, this strategy will help you save as much space as possible in your room.

With a little planning in advance, you are sure to have a phenomenal week and organized room.

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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