Interview Like a Professional, Connect Like Best Friends

Private interview starts long before you walk into the room.

It is who you are. Preparing for interview was the best therapy for me. It helped me to really tap into who I am and gave me the opportunity to see what was holding me back. The more you work on interview, the more confident you will feel in everything you do. It will help you break down your own walls and build a firmer foundation to stand on.

Your professional work is also part of who you are. If you are working your platform, you have plenty to share. The judges can tell who is really working their platform and will feel if you are truly service oriented. When you do these things, they are engrained in you and talking about them becomes easy.


Becoming the best titleholder is training in itself. By making appearances, public speaking, working your platform through networking and serving will all help you to obtain your goals and you will be using valuable time to make a difference during your year. On the job training is one if the most beneficial ways to gain confidence and experience which makes it easier to discuss your platform.


When you have done all of your preparation work, you have tapped into who God created you to be, you have worked on healing, worked your platform, given sincere service and been the best title -holder you can, you are then ready to be vulnerable and share your heart.

Go in, perfectly polished in attire, connect with the judge through your eyes, be sincere, deep, share your passion, your work and let them see who you are. The most important part of interview is when they see your heart.

Interview Tips

1.Hand gestures, remember open hands, open heart

2.Heart connection occurs through your eyes, words, and hands.

3. Don’t be a run-on sentence. I completely lost one judge last year doing this. He asked me to tell about myself and what I was doing. After a few minutes I noticed we were not connecting because it was a one-sided conversation. Connection is your goal.

4.Short and to the point answers give the judges time to know more aspects of who you are and what you are doing.

5.Tell stories. Jesus taught in parable for a reason. People connect to stories; they get a glimpse into your life and they see you as more than a contestant.

5. While preparing, make note cards and have friends and family quiz you. Most likely you won’t get these kinds of questions, but they help you know who yourself better and make you more confident to talk about yourself..

6. When you walk in have three important points you want to share. It is pretty easy to bring any conversation around to one of those points. I like to make sure I get in all three points before time is up.

7. look at a core values worksheet and decide what your core values are. Knowing your core values is the basis for a firm foundation.

Remember Connection is the Key in interview and life!

Mrs. International 2019


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